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National Nurse Month 2023

National Nurse Month 2023

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As we end the month of May, let’s look back how different organizations honored their nurses during the National Nurses Month celebration.

Some organizations offered programs that can benefit their nursing staff such as ARMC:

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC) hosted a full calendar of events for National Nurses Month. It’s a four-week program divided into the four focus areas of National Nurses Month—Self-Care, Recognition, Professional Development, and Community Outreach. According to Nanette Buenavide, ARMC’s Chief Nursing Officer, “Our nurses exemplify what it truly means to serve the community. We’re so happy to spend this month celebrating the work they do with their health care team members across all of our hospital’s departments, and we want to make sure that our nurses have a chance to receive the support and kindness that they’re providing every day.”

Other organizations offered events that allows nurses to have fun during the celebration such as UCA Health:

UCLA Health celebrated Nursing week by having a fundraising event that closed at $120,270. Aside from that they also have special acts of gratitude for our nurses, including complimentary breakfast and beverages in the hospital cafeterias, a pizza party, sweet treats from local bakeries, and flowers delivered to the nursing units, along with awards to recognize outstanding service.

At August Health, they had Nurses Week Step Challenge, Wellness Bingo Activity, Food Pantry initiatives, Community outreach and Volunteer efforts, and lastly Prayer and meditation activities.

Majority of the organizations encouraged people to express gratitude to their caregivers just like how they themselves have highlighted the work of their employees to their patients:

“Our floor gets to experience miracles daily and we can build long-lasting relationships with our patients and families,” Sarah says. “It really can’t get any better!”  - Sarah Bishop, RN from rehabilitation unit at BSA Health System in Amarillo, Texas

“Nurses are at the heart of our celebrated Continuum of Care. These talented caregivers play a critical role in the emotional and physical well-being of our patients, whether working in our rehabilitation wing, medical-surgical wing, or ICU. As we celebrate National Nurses Week, we thank nurses everywhere for their tireless commitment to improving and restoring lives.” 

- At Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare


“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to our 17,000 nurses across the Southeast who are making a difference – for your dedication to the field; for your hard work and gentle care; for making lives better every day. We look forward to celebrating with you this week! Happy #NursesWeek”

-Atrium Health


“We loved celebrating our nurses this week! We are grateful for all our nursing professionals for their dedication and commitment to our patients and their continued strength, support and compassionate care for our community. You make a difference every day!”



“Morgan Wainwright, a Hematology/Oncology nurse, recognized a need for cancer patients and their families to connect and support one another. She created a non-profit, Letters to Isabel, that uses an online survey to match patients with similar diagnosis. A connection kit is then sent to each patient so they can begin to write letters or make a craft to send to their matched connection.

We’re fortunate to have such creative and dedicated members on our team that go the extra mile for our patients and families every day.“

-Children’s National


“Today is Nurses’ Day!

We’re so grateful for our nurses who put others first every day and use their skills and education to ensure that we meet all the needs of our community all year long. They help make our patient families’ days brighter.

Thank you Cook Children’s nurses!”

-Cook Children’s Hospital