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Best employers in USA 2022

Best employers in USA 2022

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The Forbes just reported which among organizations in the USA are considered best employers. Although opinion may vary per employee to employee but this study done by Forbes in partnership with market research group Statista came out with majority of employees response including how a company is perceived in different parts of the nation.

They surveyed 70,000 Americans employed by business with at least 500 workers. The ratings where then compiled to rank up employers in each state. Out of 1,382 companies named as best employers, there are 246 of them that ranked up not only within their home state. 

A lot of these companies have proven to be resilient throughout challenging times but also adapted to the needs of their employees during and post-pandemic, as well as making sure fair pay, safe working conditions, inclusive culture, remote work benefits and initiatives around diversity, equity and inclusion.

See the full report here and see which company made it to the list in this section.