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Advancing your Career

Advancing your Career

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Advancing your career may mean movement either vertically or horizontally. But before you even make a move, it is important that you put everything into a plan to ensure you take the necessary steps to get to your goal. So moving horizontally means simply by getting into various roles and expanding your skills to different teams. You can either be Product personnel venturing into Engineering or Architecture, or maybe a registered nurse getting trained for a physical therapy role. Then there is the vertical movement where it simply means climbing the corporate ladder. 


According to an article from Forbes, the advancement of your career will basically start on the very foundation of what success looks like for you. You have to clearly define this within yourself so you can envision yourself to your end goal. Once you have defined your success, it is time to put this all in a timeline so you know how much effort you need to exert  and how long it will take you to see your milestones. Next, is to ensure you have checkpoints to see your skill level to your role. Be open to feedback and constructive criticism so you know what improvements you need to make and study to pursue. Then, be vocal to your mentors or managers on where do you want to take your career, especially if your seeking promotion, it will be beneficial that you seek guidance from them who has already made advancement to their own careers. Lastly, connect to your network to have a better understanding of the industry you are in, what new tools are available or what courses to take.


Above are calculated steps you can take to further your career but along these steps are patience, persistence, awareness as well as grit to face the hurdles head on and keep focus to your end goal.