Our Philosophy

campusRN Philosophy

Healthcare talent is in great demand and attracting top candidates is one of the most critical challenges organizations face today. The Internet can be a tremendously effective, cost-efficient tool to find, contact and hire top candidates but if not utilized correctly, it can be a waste of precious time and money. When it comes to healthcare recruitment, job postings are a great way to introduce your facility to candidates but you cannot expect to get great results by simply posting jobs on recruitment websites alone. It is essential that you augment job postings with proactive email outreach if you want to gain an advantage over your competitors.

That said, it is pretty clear that employers need recruitment resources that features more than just "traffic, eye balls or hits". You need a direct communication tool, which is where campusRN comes in as we provide resources that drive candidates to take action. Whether it's clicking a link within an email blast to apply to a particular job or RSVPing to an open house invite, we get the results you desire!

You may be thinking that you don't have time to search through resumes, sift out the unqualified candidates, and contact the qualified ones without knowing if they have the slightest interest in your facility/openings. You are right. That is why campusRN provides a Client Services Manager and automated search technology to do the work for you!

Here is how we do it...

The Assistant Recruiter Program (ARP)

The Assistant Recruiter Program enables your campusRN Client Services Manager to act as an "assistant recruiter" and conduct 100% of the candidate outreach on your behalf. The Client Services Manager will initially consult with you to gain the knowledge they need to actively target/email candidates highlighting jobs, events, social channels, etc. The only obligation is to review the results and update the Client Services Manager with new developments so their efforts continue to be channeled accurately. With the ARP, we will do the work for you!

Job Alerts

JobAlerts are targeted email blasts usually utilized to drive applicant traffic to “hard to fill” positions and spread the word about recruitment events and career fairs. JobAlerts are extremely effective in generating an immediate response from a particular audience. Through the APR, you tell us what you what to promote, to whom, and when and the Client Service Manager does it all for you!

These are examples of how campusRN ensures you avoid the pitfalls of passive Internet recruitment services and enables you to reach and hire the best experienced nursing talent. Get started today!

For more information, or to schedule a demo...

Please email our Sales Department at sales@campusrn.com, or call 843.856.5140 to speak with a representative.