Graduate Career Coach

The Graduate Career Coach

Did you know that all Undergraduate and Graduate students should be thinking about their career choices once they start school?

The competition is fierce in the job market; why not get a head start on the path to success? It may seem challenging when maintaining a schedule of school, a job, relationships, extracurricular activities and have some type of social life. What resources do you turn to find the balance?

The Graduate Career Coach is here to support YOU, help you find those resources and get you ready for the next journey in your life!

Very few educational institutions provide an in-depth approach to gain meaningful employment after graduation both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Also, many of you have to work during your university experience and guidance is limited as well. A handful of universities do provide some opportunities for mock interviews and resume review at a group level; however, what The Graduate Career Coach is here to do is provide a more personal approach to educating and supporting YOU as you search for a new career!

How Can the Graduate Career Coach Help You

Cover Letter and Resume Review – A critique tool and advise on attention-grabbing resumes for employers.

Real-Life Interview Preparation – Provide resources and interview training to expand your knowledge beyond the “canned” interview answers to land the job of your dreams.

Unique Branding – How to create a Unique Brand that is YOU. How to market and network the product that is you and break down the barriers that stop you from getting the job.

Identify the Path – Perhaps you are unclear on the purpose you desire in searching for the “perfect career” – or at the very least, a job after graduation that is moving you towards your dream career.

Career Boot Camp – One Day Intensive Workshop in person or on the Web.

One-on-One Counsel with a Career Coach & Specialized Webinars – Sessions be held for 30 – 90 minutes and scheduled to meet your current needs. It can be a lot between school, day-to-day activities, and responsibilities – Just let us know and we will be available!

Group Sessions Counsel with a Career Coach & Specialized Webinars - An opportunity to bring your support system, fraternity/sorority, social network, or professional organization together – learn together – conspire together for each other’s success! Again, we will be available when you meet – Just let us know and we will be available!

Weekly teleconference calls - An exceptional tool! A 30 – 45 minute weekly teleconference call with the experts on all types of topics pertaining to YOU, Your Current Journey and Your Future Journey of Career, School, and Life!

Interactive Monthly Newsletter dedicated to Career Tips and Life Balance Tips – The more you know…well you know…the better prepared YOU will be!

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