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CampusRN has launched CampusRN2RN, a brand new social network for current and future nurses. CampusRN2RN has been tailored specifically for nursing students and nurses looking to share their experiences and connect with other healthcare professionals!

nursing networkThe network enables nursing students to connect with friends and peers. It also gives members a forum to communicate with nurses in the field who can offer valuable insight and advice on future employment. Nursing students can also reach out to healthcare employers to learn more about opportunities before deciding whether or not to apply for a job in a particular organization.

For Nursing Students


Students can share their experiences with nursing school or clinicals with each other by blogging. Below are some recent blogs:

Nursing Specialty Groups

Whether students are already involved in a particular specialty or are just interested in learning more about it, these groups are a great resource to connect with others in the field.


Educational Nursing Videos

We have put together an extensive collection of online educational nursing videos - everything from class lectures, study guides, skill overviews, and condition/disease guides. These videos are a great resource for student nurses & nurses alike. For an index of our educational nursing videos, click here.


What's Happening Right Now on CampusRN2RN

CRNA school

Hey Guys...I am writing a blog about my journey to and through CRNA school...check it out

posted by: Jagjit


'Make a case for staffing levels in your trust'

 (It seems just as important as finding a new job now is protecting the job once you get it.  Take a few moments to read this.)

 The chief executives of trusts and private companies may consider “red lining” through many a group of nurses just to save costs. As the biggest workforce in the healthcare community, nursing salaries are undoubtedly flashing brightly on the budget sheets. But it is wrong to just slash and burn this cost, because it is nurses who have one of the…

posted by: Jesse Alling - Community Liason


Good Grief: Nurses Cope With Patient Deaths

 (This was a very interesting article I found while looking for news updates for nurses, and I felt it would be a good read possibly worth discussing amongst our RN2RN members.  Please feel free to respond!)

Good Grief: Nurses Cope With Patient Deaths

 Rowena Orosco, RN, BSN, had been working at Johns Hopkins Bayview Burn Center in Baltimore for three years when a family with seven children was brought to the hospital after a fire destroyed their…

 posted by: Jesse Alling - Community Liason


Residential Care Agenda, A Work Plan

The greatest degree of inner tranquility comes from the development of love and compassion. The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being.

WORK PLAN  --  A Residential Care Agenda      By: Arvin Gumato Pareja


There are facilities that measure Residential care for individuals including: hospices, assisted living facilities,…



Almost a YEAR in the O.R.! :)

 I just read my last post - the one about it being a month in the O.R. as a new RN.  Wow.  What I "re-read" is probably something that comes from every new O.R. nurse whether they are an experienced RN or not :)  I am training a few myself now!

 My anxieties about the O.R. were all typical, just like I said above.  The only thing that was a challenge for me and maybe not the other RNs (that my bosses "helped" me with) was my hesitation to just jump in and take charge.  I…

 posted by: Lori Meade