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Retention through Nursing Residency Program

Retention through Nursing Residency Program

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The nurse's churn rate for the past few years has been staggering. There are a lot of factors that bring an employee to a decision to leave their organization or transition to a new profession. It could be they are looking for growth opportunities and empowerment, lack of strong leadership in their current company, and poor working environment. According to study, about 33% of nurses leave their job in the first year and 56% in the second year - and these losses are translated to a certain cost. Hence, there’s a great need to ensure that organizations retain new nurses and ensure they grow and transition to practice. The answer to this is through a nursing residency program. 

The joint commission recommended that there should be a structured training program when onboarding nurses - training must include demonstrating their skills and competency in provision to patient care. Today, the nurse residency programs not only focus on what a nurse can do and how competent they are but it includes engagement and retention strategies and emphasis on quality of care to patients. 

How do hospitals build the business case for residency programs, and what are the benefits?


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