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Holiday Season Budget Blues!

Holiday Season Budget Blues!

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Economy is a little shaky nowadays but this will not stop people from celebrating the holiday season. According to a survey, 42% of Americans are stressing on tracking their spending for all purchases they will make this holiday season ranging from gifts to hosting gatherings.  Here are some tips on how to better manage your budget this season

  1. Identify what’s essential this season

It is very important to be very critical on identifying what activities you need to retain and what you can skip this season. This will already allow you to narrow down your list of items for spending. 

  1. Purchase ahead of holiday rush

Before nearing the holiday season, there are a lot of deals already being put out there by stores such as the Thanksgiving treat or Black Friday sale. Take advantage of this so you can purchase your gifts at a reasonable price.

  1. Bring out the creativeness in you

If you have tools at hand, the time and interest, you can also stick to DIY gifts such as crocheting, sewing or giving out your own paintings. This not only allows you to save up but it gives a little personal touch to your gifts.


Aside from these tips, you might probably find a tone more in the internet space, but it is vital that we also think beyond this season. We do not know until when the economy will be challenged,  so let us also prepare for post holiday season spending with our necessities at home. We have to ensure that we will be able to handle the turbulence, just in case the inflation gets worse after the holidays.