Jun 13, 2024

Student for Approved Clinical Rotation

  • San Juan Regional Medical Center
  • Farmington, NM, USA

Job Description

Love what you do; Love where you live



Students use their education, training, knowledge, and skills to demonstrate competency and proficiency in their dedicated profession. Students are required to actively learn, retain information, receive feedback, support, and uphold the ideals of their profession. Students must follow all policies and safety practices.



Required Qualifications:

Fulfill all duties and requirements, including but not limited to for the following:

  • University/School
  • SJRMC Human Resources
  • NM State practice bylaws and acts


Duties and Responsibilities:

• Program faculty or appropriately trained staff will provide oversight of all student activities

• Students are not permitted to perform any patient care activity or perform skills that have not been validated first in the academic setting

• Each employee is responsible for implementing SJRMC’s Service Standards into their daily work:

      Safety, Courtesy, Effectiveness, and Stewardship

• Other duties as assigned


Physical Demands and Environmental Work Conditions:

Requirements may vary based on student position:

  • Light/heavy lifting
  • Moving equipment
  • Periods of bending, stooping, pushing, walking, kneeling, twisting, squatting, standing and sitting may be required
  • Students in clinical areas may be exposed to hazardous chemicals, anesthetic agents, blood, body fluids and waste, and potential pathogens
  • Radiology students may have exposure to radiation hazards through radiology procedures