RN Residency Program

The new graduate Nurse Residency Program is designed to support the new graduate hired at Grady Health System to transition from graduate or advanced beginner to competent professional in a culturally responsive environment.

Grady’s Nurse Residency Program is held two times a year. Eligible applicants are encouraged to apply early, as positions are limited. We host 2 cohorts each year in summer (July/August) and winter (February/March). Applications and interviews are held 3-4 months ahead of each cohort. Please check our career website or this page for the most up-to-date information.

This formal, structured, new graduate program is part of the Vizient /American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Nurse Residency Program. The program content is built on an evidence-based curriculum and is highly interactive and supportive. Grady Nurse leaders mentor and guide the new graduate in mastering the challenges of changes in the healthcare delivery system, advances in treatment and technologies, and increasing patient acuity.

Grady’s Nurse Residency Program builds upon previous undergraduate nursing education and clinical competencies. The program consists of a series of in and out of the classroom learning and work experiences designed to assist the new graduate nurse in the transition to their first professional role and become leaders at the patient’s bedside. The core curriculum topics include:

  • Leadership
  • Patient Outcomes
  • Professional Role and Development
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking


  • Graduate of an Accredited Nursing School (BSN Preferred)
  • Unrestricted Georgia RN Licensed at time of employment start date
  • Registered Nurse with less than one year of experience at employment start date
  • Foreign nurses newly licensed in the United States


  • 24-month contractual Nurse Residency Program Service Agreement
  • Fulfill all requirements of the Nurse Residency Program
  • Ability  to work rigid orientation schedule
Grady Health System Atlanta, GA, USA
New Graduate Nurse Residency - Grady Health System Grady Health System Nurse Residency program provides the novice nurse with the knowledge base and skill set needed to transition to competence in clinical nursing practice. While providing the needed skills to meet the organization goals and mission, the program provides nurses with the leadership skills to work collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team. The program bridges the gap between undergraduate education and “real-life” professional nursing practice, delivering state-of-the art care.  The Grady RN Residency program is partnered with what was the University Heath Consortium (UHC), and is now Vizient in the design and delivery of curriculum and methodologies according to the standards and guidelines applicable to Vizient Residency Programs and AACN.  The Grady RN Residency Program is required for all novice nurses and advanced beginners. This program is one year in length. Vizient and...