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Snacking America!

Snacking America!

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The pandemic just thought us to be more vigilant about our health and have forced us to impose a lot of protocols such as constant disinfection, wearing masks and face shields, as well as, being very cautious when we are around senior or people with comorbidities. However, in one aspect study shown that during pandemic people have been less conscious on eating healthy.

According to Euromonitor International, it is forecasted that US snack market will grow to  $169.6 billion in 2027 as data shows increased from $166.6 billion in 2017 to $150.6 billion in 2022 - under various category of savory snacks, bars, ice cream, biscuits and fruit snacks.

People have increasingly pivot from the way they do their meals - instead of having the traditional of simply having breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks - people have inserted snacking a lot in between their meals. According to the 2021 survey conducted by Mondelez, 64% said that they like to eat several small meals for the entire day instead of few large ones and about 62% wants to replace at least one meal with snacks.

But  snacking is not really a new idea, it has been implemented as sort of way to recharge in between meals during work so people will be able to sustain throughout the day. However, it's not really about the "snacking" that we should worried about but more on the type of food people intake during those snacks. Good thing, we have a lot of nutritionist all over the nation to give us some guidance on how to snack healthily.

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